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Tornado Storm Shelters Keep Families Safe

Deadly tornadoes have made their mark in many states in Central and Southern America. Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Missouri have seen some of the most violent tornadoes and have recorded the most deaths and injuries compared to other states. These states are what is referred to as Tornado Alley where weather patterns throughout the year make the environment conducive for severe storms.


Storm Warrior Shelters are helping more families stay safe through the manufacturing and sales of above ground and below ground tornado shelters/safe rooms. These tornado shelters are constructed and engineered with fabricated steel to be able to withstand the winds of an EF-5 tornado as well as flying debris traveling over 100 miles per hour.


Storm Warrior Shelters can be installed in your garage, patio or in your newly constructed home to give your family peace when severe weather strikes. For homes that have more than one acre, Storm Warrior Shelters can also install underground shelters to accommodate up to 20 people. Also, Storm Warriors Shelters have a tornado shelter designed for mobile homes and manufactured homes that have the same safety features of the interior garage installed shelter.


Because Storm Warrior Shelters is the manufacture of their tornado shelters and safe rooms, they can deliver to any place in the United States or Canada and provide installation services for your home or business. In addition to quality tornado shelter and safe rooms, Storm Warrior Shelters can provide great financing options for any budget with approved credit. The application process is simple and approvals can be made in only a few minutes.


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